Welcome to Civilian Photo. I am Josh, and I've chosen to setup this little corner of the internet to share a selected sampling of my artwork with you.

I chose the moniker Civilian Photo because the word "civilian" simply means a private ordinary citizen, and at the heart of it -- that's all I am; an everyday person with a camera.

I am a self-defined 'Professional Amateur' when it comes to photography. I started out at a very young age, first shooting on a Canon FTb 35mm (film model) and have moved my way through various renditions of the Canon family and into the digital line. I enjoy the art of photograpy, yet, I remain at the amateur level because I feel I would lose something special by making it my profession.

I am proud to be both a published and an award-winning photographer.

As a philanthropist, it has been an honor for me to provide my photographic talents to local fire departments and non-profit organizations such as:

I would like to thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy my work.